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Gujarat and Rajasthan - 6 Days

Gujarat and Rajasthan
  • Day 1    Samlaji, Udaipur Rajasthan
  • Day 2    Chitodgadh, Ajmer and Pushkar
  • Day 3    Jaipur
  • Day 4    Abu and Ambaji
  • Day 5    Patan and Nal Lake Ahemadabad Gujarat
  • Day 6    Pavagadh

Include Tea, breakfast and Dinner

  1. Last date Registration of this trip is 30th October 2018
  2. Travel pleases will be changed by Travel Operator’s rights if needed
  3. jewellery and ornaments risk will take by own travel management not responsible
  4. compulsory take a ticket of 10 year or above child
  5. During the travel for sightseeing’s ticket charges not including in this trip
  6. during the night stay hall facility will be available

Day 1
Samlaji and Udaipur

Visit Samlaji Tample and udaipur Lake

Day 2
Chitodgadh Ajmer and Pushkar

Visit Chitodgadh Ajmer and Pushkar

Day 3

Visit Jaipur City

Day 4
Abu and Ambaji

Visit Abu and Ambaji

Day 5
Pantan and Ahemadabad

Visit Patan and Ahemadabad Nal Lake

Day 6

Visit Pavagadh Mataji Tample

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Price From INR6,501/person
Total 6,501 INR

Trip Facts

  • Bus

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